• The Education Committee is responsible for reviewing statewide pediatric palliative care education needs and the continuing education needs of GIPPCC members; making programming recommendations to the Board of Directors with the goal of assisting new programs with development and ensuring that members maintain current pediatric palliative clinical skills and knowledge; and assisting annually with implementation of the developed education plan.
  • The Clinical Committee is responsible for overseeing and directing the clinical aspects of GIPPCC’s projects and goals. The Clinical Committee has worked to educate State Representatives regarding needed policy change, has developed quality directive and assessment tools to guide GIPPCC members in the provision of high quality pediatric palliative care and is involved in oversight and direction of the GIPPCC Mentorship Programming.
  • The Membership/Sustainability Committee is responsible ensuring the needs of GIPPCC members are fully met and ensuring that the GIPPCC mission reaches throughout the region to all potential pediatric palliative care stakeholders. The committee also focuses on organizational sustainability.