What We Offer


  • Creating a network for providers, doctors, nurses, support services, families, and community leaders to share ideas, information, and resources with each other


  • Educating healthcare professionals, families, and communities on the unique needs of children with chronic, complex, and life-limiting illness and their families
  • Supporting the development of pediatric programs through formalized mentoring, teaching modules, and access to an experienced interdisciplinary team


  • Working with local, regional, state and federal health care administrators, state agencies, and legislators to raise awareness for the state-wide need for quality pediatric palliative care
  • Connecting with advocates across the country to generate a stronger voice, encourage broader idea sharing, and extend the network of those passionate about pediatric palliative care beyond the borders of Illinois

Research & Best Practice

  • Engaging in clinical research to develop policies, best practice models and standards of care to promote high-quality, family-centered patient care for children living with life-limiting illness and their families


  • Expanding the capacity to provide palliative care through support, consultations, resources, and referrals
  • Promoting an integrated model of care through communication and collaboration from hospitalizations to transitioning home to communities in all areas of the state during all phases of treatment